Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April Fools

I wish I could say April Fools and giggle and all the bad things that happend today would just dissapear. Today SUCKED and I'm not weathering it well. Our master bathroom flooded in our brand new 3 month old house because of little cracks in the grout in our shower. It warped the floor and basically ruined it. Adam and I just realized that we overpayed to have our yard put in. I wasn't patient with my kids and yelled at them too many times. Half of my tooth came off and now I'm anxious because I don't want to go to the dentist because I'm too embarrased and because of the expense. Family came over tonight and messed up my clean house so now I have to clean it all over again. My dad yelled at me. And on and on and on.

Although, not all is bad. Here is a fun story. This morning I called Adam to tell him that we have a problem with our plumbing because water was gushing through my toes when I walked on the carpet and he said he's coming home right now and hung up the phone. I thought that was a little odd and so I called him back and asked if he was really coming home and he said yes. So I wait and wait and no Adam comes home. Then he calls me and tells me he got in a car accident on the way home, which is not very funny because this barely happened and I'm already stressed about money and such, than he says April Fools I got you back. He thought I was just kidding about the water. Anyway, he didn't believe me until he actually came home and saw it. Hee, Hee.

Today is an Addie day for a story. This is a picture of Addie wearing her Easter dress. This morning when we were getting ready for church she showed me how her sleaves bubble and told me that she wanted all of her clothes to have bubble sleaves because that is what princess's have. I also love the bandaid on the nose. You just got to LOVE that girl. She is an original!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Last week we were given two baby ducks from a family member (the wonderful aunt Jen). Addie has been so good to them and Summer has tried to be good. Yesterday I heard Summer in the garage saying "birdie" and I just knew she had gotten the ducks out and something horrible had happened. I looked into the garage and instead of seeing a flattened duck like I expected, I saw Summer rocking one of them in her arms. I had to take a picture and when I told her to smile she just hugged it.

This was a pleasing moment to a mother who got to witness her normally aggressive two year old daughter being gentle and motherly to a baby duck. These are the moments worth documenting. This is why I am starting a blog.